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Preserve and enhance the lives of children and youth around the world through the arts.


Bring lessons in integrity, strong moral principles, ideals and ethics through theatrical stage, in the class room, and in the community.


Inspire to make the world a better place through Integrity, reliable leadership, inspiration, and positive change.


Create a hands-on approach in the arts curriculum that teach alternatives to aggressive behavior and inspire young people in positive actions to make Inner City communities safer and healthier.


Bible Stories Theatre of Fine & Performing Arts was founded in 2003 by Janet Irene Thomas. When the Director/Screenwriter/Lyricist/Published Novelist/Blogger, became director of the Drama Department of her home church in Alexandria, Virginia in the early 2000s, Janet found herself writing more and more stage plays for not just for her church, but other churches and community organizations around the District of Columbia region. Presented with this new opportunity to make a fresh start in a new arena of writing (aside from fiction), Janet found herself writing lyrics for her stage productions! She hit the recording studios, to make a career out of something that had been only a dream for far too many years.

The dreams began to come in fruition when , Janet began by writing 'original' works for the church after learning of the high cost of licensing fees. Soon word spread around the community that the author was also writing stage productions free of license fees, and the demand quickly grew as local churches came asking for productions for their church. She began producing productions on a larger scale when asked to write music as well, and now Bible Stories Theatre of Fine & Performing Arts was initiated as a non-profit in the state of Virginia.

Even with its small and gradual accomplishment, Bible Stories Theatre of Fine & Performing Arts [BSTFPA] remains a small non-profit-operated business, with family members and community volunteers lending a helping hand through the years.

The BSTFPA stage productions, musicals, and community events are prevailing, histrionic, and spiritual; only the newest all-original components. These are a sphere of projects created to develop imaginative growth of partakers; and encourage audiences to think, feel and develop an appreciation for theatre.   


Playwright/Director/ Screen Writer/Producer/Author

Blogger/Gospel Lyricist/

Sunday School Teacher

Member: Intl. Screenwriters Assoc.

A Measure of Truth:

Blog Talk Radio Interview 

A Measure of Truth

A Measure of Truth (Blog Talk Radio)

00:00 / 58:17

As a song writer : a listen to the first of over 100 original gospel songs written by the Founder.


The Apostles (The Stillwaters)

00:00 / 02:40

Theatrical Stage Productions, Children TV, Poetry, and Musical Concerts: Maryland,

District of Columbia & Virginia


Children and youth respond to gestures and movement before they react to the spoken word. They understand and explore sound before they learn to speak. They draw pictures before they form letters. They dance and act out stories before they learn to read.

Considering this fact, the BSTFPA creative team is committed to nurturing the underpriviledged, Inner City pre-school child, the youth and young adult’s creativity in all areas of theatre design, performance, directing and management , and to helping students gain better insights into themselves and the world around them.

Then those same children, youth, and young adults can acquire the know-how of the performing traditions and education in the arts under the expert trained eye of the professional BSTFPA faculty.


The Youth Arts Hands-on Workshop Empowering Honor

My Bible Stories Blog

The Revelation of Jesus 



My Bible Stories 



Executive Team

Our Theatre Maxim: “I will tell of your name to my brothers;

in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise." 


Janet Irene 


Founder and Chief 

Executive Officer

Janet Thomas is a playwright, published author, gospel songwriter, blogger,and Sunday School teacher with 15+ years’ stage producing experience, three years of which was with a church organization. 

Edward Muse

Co- Chair

A former member of the numerous Northern Virginia community recreation centers, it has been 10 years since he started advocating the youth.

Kimberly Griffith


Proficient in Non-profit Business. She now counts over 20 years of business experience. She holds several business certificates in Office Administration. 

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