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The Youth Arts Hands-on Workshop Empowering Honor -

The Y.A.H.W.E.H. Performing Arts Program

Amuse Us. Enlighten Us. Teach Us.

The Y.A.H.W.E.H. Performing Arts Program is a laboratory for learning in which an awareness of visual arts, literary arts and the performing arts - music, theatre, dance and film are introduced to community children and youth in an 8-Week class... There are two major production programs in the Y.A.H.W.E.H. Performing Arts Theatre:

• Design and build stage sets, create costumes and bring characters to life through movement, voice and music.

• Raise the curtain. Develop your craft through five main-stage productions, as well as dance concerts and studio productions. Performances range from the classics to contemporary pieces, including musicals, comedies, dramas and experimental theatre. 

Fill out the below Contact Form and let us know your interest in the YAHWEH Education Program. We will mail you a synopsis and the Director will be in contact with you.


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